Thursday, February 17, 2011

tadir penentu segala...

isy tsy..
baru nak memblog strmyx ni buat hal la pulak...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

anything goes..

salam evryone,
remember me???IT REally has been a long time since my last entry and i feel like, to completely abandon this blog but somehow i wanna try to restart all over again,penning down my thots wenever i feel like, here i am giving myself another shot and see how it goes...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

jodoh pertemuan..

ha.. nak celoteh sket pasal ni cos being a mum to two grown up girls mau tak mau nk kna pikir jugak.Actually i dun exactly telah mncapai tahap hendak bermenantu setakat ini, mainly becos in my eyes they are still my precious little ones,secondly i belum nmpak calon yg btul2 menepati citarasa!Ho ho,dun misunderstand me but i think mak2 ni mmg selalu nakkan yg trbaik untuk anak2nya bukan cerewet atau terlalu memilih.
As i have told my children many times over,segalanya telah ditentukan Allah dr kita lahir lagi.Sebaiknya kita perlu berusaha dan berdoa banyak2 agar kita membuat pilihan yg tepat dan yg penting mendapat restu ibu bapa..tiada apa yang lebih bermakna di dlm hidup semua ibubapa ni melainkan melihat anak2 mereka berjaya dan hidup bahgia.So anak2 semua,just so all of you must remember when u meet someone u like and fall in love,it doesnt mean that you'll get married,ride into the sunset and live hapily ever after!!!Truth is,not everyone is as lucky,sometimes you'll only meet your match after going thru lots heartaches and failures.But these are the very things which make you stronger and apreciate live more.Remember Allah itu tahu apa yg terbaik utk kita,maybe yg kita tk dapat tu is not good enuf for us dan Dia nak bagi kita yg lebih lagi.So my anak2 sayang,dun cry yr heart out untuk manusia yg tk tahu menghargaimu..Its just never meant to be...take it fr someone who has been in and out of love many times but Alhamdulillah i managed to bounce back everytime!Dun ever let yrself down,Allah tidak akan duga kita dgn apa yg kita tidak mampu hadapi..Wallahualam...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Isy,da banyak hari tak memblog,bagitau kawan2 pun tak lagi...Auuu!!! apa nak jadi ni..sebenarnya dah banyak kali juga menulis tapi selepas 2 kali yg dah di type" hilang" cos ttiba steamyx buat hal trus saja mood terbantut!Eei geram jugak dgn service provider ni,suka ati dia je nak buat apa.Despite numerous complaints from the public tak banyak improvement yg kita dapat.Talk about perintis tiada sempadan...tah apa2 je.(eh btul ke tagline diarg ni???)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pejam celik dah dua tahun kami pindah ke sini dr Shah Alam dan telah menyambut 3kali raye puasa.meskipun begitu i still miss those wonderful years there, for we practically grew with the township.I used grew cos when we shifted there in the early 90's,SA was just another township in the making.dr tmpat yg banyak factories it rapidly grows into what it is today a bandaraya terancang yg begitu indah dan bersih.when we bought a house there during the early years of our marriage i always thot that it would be for good.but Alas..that was not meant to be and here we are back to where i hometown.Actually memang tak pernah trlintas di fikiran satu hari i would go back to my roots,not that am not proud of my negeri its just that we've been shifting places eversince we tied the knot and my hubby being an ' alien'(ha ha sori my hubby if u read this jgn mare..)who often said he would never settled in my hometown,it all seems just so unreal.Ya lah kita hanya merancang,Allah swt jua yg menentukan segalanya.The thing is i hardly make any frens here unlike when i was in SA except for my immediate neighbours and a few others outside this Taman and of course my siblings.bukannye dia org ni tak friendly cuma i yg malas.Only my hubby yg rajin pegi kenduri n gatherings etc and me,dah jadi mcm kera sumbang...will sambung more selepas ini,bye for now...
dah beberapa hari xupdate cos bnyak isu yg kna tackle.last friday had to go to my mak's hs cos my big bro who takes care of her ada personal matter to attend to.Nak cerita sket pasal my mak ni,she is confined to a wheelchair for a no of yrs now.not that she is paralysed or anything cuma dia kata rasa trsangat sakit if she tries to stand up due to her sakit lutut yg agak kronik,memang sdih tgk dia,make me wanna think if i will suffer the same fate..She used to be a strong person,a superwoman to me who could face anything that came by until one day she just lost it.bermula dgn demam dan sakit lutut yg agak lama selepas dia balik dr JB kenduri kawin anak my Abg Long she just refused to walk again tho we all tried everything we could to encourage her,even my late abah pun naik heran cos dia lansung dah takde semangat nak mncuba. so we finally decided to get her a wheelchair,hoping that after sometimes she would eventually got to her feet again until it dawned to us,thats it,she would remained an invalid for the rest of her life...Tak tahu lah how she really feels inside tp dia mcm dah redha dgn keadaan nya so we all hav to face the fact that our mak dah tak boleh berjalan mcm dulu.I for one am just so sad for her and i really hope and pray that one day she will find the strength n courage to try and walk again cos she is not that old as compared to my grandma who died at nearly a hundred yrs of age and could still walk..As for now we all just hav to take good care of her.Thing is if we lose the will to do anything memang kita takkn dpt buat apa2 pun..Waullahhualam.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

apa2 aje..

People say that as one grows older one tends to grow wiser too..patutnya begitulah Tapi ada jugak yg makin bertmbah usia makin truk pulak jadinya.I always dua' the latter will not be the case with me n my loved ones.Hopefully segala aspek kehidupan kami di dunia ini akan mnjadi lebih baik dan persiapan untuk ke Sana tidak di abaikan.Amin.As with other mums,i am always hoping for the best there is for my children be it in this world or the one after.I know it seems mak2 ni kadang agak tak berape understanding tapi anak2 pun kena cuba faham things fr our perspectives, only then we all can co exist peacefully.In any circumtances sebaiknya anak2 kena cuba faham why their parents sometimes act the way the do,like it or not.Kadang ada jugak tndakan yg lnsung kita tak faham why but given times one will eventually begin to understand them.So anak2,dont ever think kami ni je yg sukar di fahami likewise childrens are that most of the times!You tell them one thing and they'll do just the opposite,aproach us for advice,opinions but still proceed with their original plans!So why bother asking us in the first place if u re not gonna listen?See wat i mean,and thats just apiece of the bigger pie and u kids think its easy being parents huh!Will continue more later on,ari dah ujan nk angkat kain...