Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pejam celik dah dua tahun kami pindah ke sini dr Shah Alam dan telah menyambut 3kali raye puasa.meskipun begitu i still miss those wonderful years there, for we practically grew with the township.I used grew cos when we shifted there in the early 90's,SA was just another township in the making.dr tmpat yg banyak factories it rapidly grows into what it is today a bandaraya terancang yg begitu indah dan bersih.when we bought a house there during the early years of our marriage i always thot that it would be for good.but Alas..that was not meant to be and here we are back to where i hometown.Actually memang tak pernah trlintas di fikiran satu hari i would go back to my roots,not that am not proud of my negeri its just that we've been shifting places eversince we tied the knot and my hubby being an ' alien'(ha ha sori my hubby if u read this jgn mare..)who often said he would never settled in my hometown,it all seems just so unreal.Ya lah kita hanya merancang,Allah swt jua yg menentukan segalanya.The thing is i hardly make any frens here unlike when i was in SA except for my immediate neighbours and a few others outside this Taman and of course my siblings.bukannye dia org ni tak friendly cuma i yg malas.Only my hubby yg rajin pegi kenduri n gatherings etc and me,dah jadi mcm kera sumbang...will sambung more selepas ini,bye for now...

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