Sunday, October 18, 2009

dah beberapa hari xupdate cos bnyak isu yg kna tackle.last friday had to go to my mak's hs cos my big bro who takes care of her ada personal matter to attend to.Nak cerita sket pasal my mak ni,she is confined to a wheelchair for a no of yrs now.not that she is paralysed or anything cuma dia kata rasa trsangat sakit if she tries to stand up due to her sakit lutut yg agak kronik,memang sdih tgk dia,make me wanna think if i will suffer the same fate..She used to be a strong person,a superwoman to me who could face anything that came by until one day she just lost it.bermula dgn demam dan sakit lutut yg agak lama selepas dia balik dr JB kenduri kawin anak my Abg Long she just refused to walk again tho we all tried everything we could to encourage her,even my late abah pun naik heran cos dia lansung dah takde semangat nak mncuba. so we finally decided to get her a wheelchair,hoping that after sometimes she would eventually got to her feet again until it dawned to us,thats it,she would remained an invalid for the rest of her life...Tak tahu lah how she really feels inside tp dia mcm dah redha dgn keadaan nya so we all hav to face the fact that our mak dah tak boleh berjalan mcm dulu.I for one am just so sad for her and i really hope and pray that one day she will find the strength n courage to try and walk again cos she is not that old as compared to my grandma who died at nearly a hundred yrs of age and could still walk..As for now we all just hav to take good care of her.Thing is if we lose the will to do anything memang kita takkn dpt buat apa2 pun..Waullahhualam.

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  1. antie,nanie here^^. post yg ni cm kene kat nanie sbb abah nanie pon dah xleh jalan skrg.huhu~ kami pon xtau nak bg sapot yg cmne dah..sbb bile bw gi fisio,dia kate sakit cm seksa dia plak =(