Wednesday, October 14, 2009

apa2 aje..

People say that as one grows older one tends to grow wiser too..patutnya begitulah Tapi ada jugak yg makin bertmbah usia makin truk pulak jadinya.I always dua' the latter will not be the case with me n my loved ones.Hopefully segala aspek kehidupan kami di dunia ini akan mnjadi lebih baik dan persiapan untuk ke Sana tidak di abaikan.Amin.As with other mums,i am always hoping for the best there is for my children be it in this world or the one after.I know it seems mak2 ni kadang agak tak berape understanding tapi anak2 pun kena cuba faham things fr our perspectives, only then we all can co exist peacefully.In any circumtances sebaiknya anak2 kena cuba faham why their parents sometimes act the way the do,like it or not.Kadang ada jugak tndakan yg lnsung kita tak faham why but given times one will eventually begin to understand them.So anak2,dont ever think kami ni je yg sukar di fahami likewise childrens are that most of the times!You tell them one thing and they'll do just the opposite,aproach us for advice,opinions but still proceed with their original plans!So why bother asking us in the first place if u re not gonna listen?See wat i mean,and thats just apiece of the bigger pie and u kids think its easy being parents huh!Will continue more later on,ari dah ujan nk angkat kain...

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  1. uich,sabo2..children always like that.especially teenagers la kan..(ceh,gaya cakap cam mak2 lak.kiki)